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Should I choose only MCI recognised courese or I can choose cps courses also? What is good for me? Ask it from our experts.

With our help, Talk to doctors who are practising / settled after these PG courses, ask them their suggestions for you.

What is MD Seychelles (USAIM), Can I do practice on the basis of MD Seychelles? Can I write MD on Board? Which Institution run these courses in India? How can we help?

What courses are offered by Texila American University? which hospitals run these courses? What is the importance of these courses in India? How can we help?

After passing any cps course, Can I practice in states other then maharashtra and gujarat? Can I write my cps degree on board in other states?

Please inform me status of DMRE and PCPNDT in states other then maharashtra and gujarat.

See how some doctors are practising with fake degrees, B.R.Ambedakr university persons involved. click to Read ful news

Maharashtra Medical council has changed some rules to apply for permanent registration, They started all procedures now Online, now you need not to apply for NOC, instead you must bring NOC by hand. To fill CET form, students must have applied in MMC for Permanent Registration (PR), I feel, due to change in rules, students will face difficulties to applying in MMC for PR. We are here to help. To know all MMC formalities, meet our representatives.

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We are providing every possible info in medical education /career, providing expert opinion in medical education and related fields, Click here to know our fields of expertise.

CPS courses are present in many countries

So what is CPS ?

Royal College of Physicians and surgeons of Edinburgh is parent organisation of all cps bodies present at various countries of the world. These are in India, Canada, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ontario and Ghana. Have a look on various cps bodies of the world.
UK vsist www.cps.gov.uk
Canada visit www.cps.ca
Pakistan www.cpsp.edu.pk
Ghana www.cpssgh.com
Bangladesh www.bcpsbd.org
CLICK HERE for more info of various cps bodies of world. Aim of this website is to provide complete information of CPS courses and its student's reviews whether courses are run by Royal college as well as by any of its daughter organisations. We are very sure that not only students looking for admission but also Student pursuing various courses will be benefited by our services.
CPS Office's annual time table in general(usually) (For students convenience only)

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Prospectus PG courses

Do you want to get Common prospectus of PG courses. You can ask us for it, we will mail the link to download it. You can ask for at this email ID: cpsdiplomaa@gmail

Legal Disclaimer

This website is absolutely NOT related to any organisation / institution, This a General informative website for all medical PG courses, in comparison with each other, created by a group of doctors to help aspirants student. Its just like convey our experience / knowledge to juniors. We created this website to give useful information, support, and study and success tips to students who need this. We publish dates of forms, results, lists of seats and institutions, and documentation and other procedures. We publish student's experience and reviews for various courses and various institutions. For more official info or for final confirmation anyone should contact concern university's / college's / institution's offices only.
We do not collect any personal sensitive info of any user/visitor.
We publish only informations, which are already in public domain, we don't publish any personalised / copyright protected information or documents at this website.
MCI recognition details, MMC rulings, GMC rulings, Maharashtra Government Rulings, Malaycian medical council ruling, Newspaper cuttings, etc these all documents are already in public domain, (has been already released to general public), so we can publish it here.

Lecture series

Lecture series common schedule

15 days lecture series conducted every six monthly, during any course it is compulsory to attend minimum two lecture series. In this saction we will inform you schedules of latest lecture series.

In India which are the various Colleges/Institutes/Hospitals having cps courses.

Do you want to know the complete list of recognised Colleges / Institutes
You can ask us through email, We will send you the complete updated list. Our mail ID cpsdiplomaa@gmail.com

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Procedures and documentation

Procedures and documentation, we are informing to give you a general Idea to help students. For more authentic info, students should contact concerned authority's office only.

CPS batches of diploma courses starts twice yearly, in Feb and August months.
Batches of FCPS courses starts only in Feb. First batch starts in February and 2nd batch in August
CPS PG CET exam take place in May and December for respective batches
Next CPS PG CET is on 11th December 2015, for admissions of Feb 2016 batch.
This is a written test based on MCQs. It follows AIPG/MHCET syllabus. 100 MCQs, No negative marking.
If you want to see previous papers of CET you can ask us to mail.
To apply for CPS PG CET, read following steps
you should open a account at official website of cpsmumbai.org, at this link http://online.cpsmumbai.org/Users/Registration
after opening of account, you should login with your ID and password. To go to log in page you can click here
After log in you will come at a page where some headings are present like this:

  1. Home
  3. Enrollment
  4. Examination
  5. acedemics
  6. convocation

Go to first heading CPS-PG-CET----> Go to application form--->
Fill the form. It will ask to upload photo and signature
after submitting the main front form, it will redirect to another page, this page will ask to upload these documents

  1. Passing certificate (MBBS)
  2. Dergee (MBBS)
  3. MMC reg
  4. MMC ID card
  5. Internship Completion
  6. Final year result
  7. caste validity certificate
  8. Non creamy layer certificate (If applicable)
  9. state medical council registration
  10. State medical council registration application receipt (If student don't have state medical council registration)
  11. domicile certificate
  12. Address proof (aadhar/voter's ID card/passport)

Upload all above documents then submit. Now screen will show application submitted successfully and it will give your application ID
After submitting these forms, cps office will check your form, if everything is correct, that will send you a payment deposition link by mail. If their is any mistake in form they will inform by mail and ask to correct it before payment. CET exam fee is 5000/- This is all about cps cet online application student must submit a preference form to inform his/her preferred subjects / institutions, at the time of cet. Results with merit is declared with in few days after CET exam. Generally it comes on-line, you need Roll number and CET form number to access your result. After few days of results and merit announcement, cps display seat allotments at their website, Students have to download allotment letters bring it to respective institution. Institution Authorities let student join there.
Other state students, who does not have MMC registration, should remember one thing before joining, they should bring their NOC from home state medical council, because once they join they will not get time to bring NOC from home state medical council. So I recommend every student who doesn't have MMC registration, should keep NOC with him, when he joins. To pursue cps course it is compulsory to have Permanent registration in MMC. Keep in mind your NOC must be addressed To The registrar, Maharashtra Medical Council, Other wise MMC will not accept this NOC. Age of NOC is only 3 months so it should't be very old.
To know how to apply in MMC, you should visit this page. At the time of joining, Institute authorities issue a POST HOLDING CERTIFICATE to student, Student joins in department and start work.
When all students in particular institution joins their departments, Institution Authority calls cps office and take a date of enrolment from CPS Office.
Enrolment is a file work of cps office (Nothing else), enrolment process in CPS Office continues till end of months of this admission feb/aug.
Students of every institution go to cps office together on same day, It is work of institution authorities to inform their all students the DATE OF ENROLMEMT
Student goes to cps office on given date and complete their enrolment procedure.
To know all formalities of enrolment procedure CLICK HERE

If you have any questions about enrolment related rules you can mail us at cpsdiplomaa@gmail.com contact on whatsapp 08451910321

According to present rule
CPS diploma's 2 year tenure can be divided into four posts of 6 months each.
FCPS course's 2 year tenure can be divided into six posts
Colleges / Institutes make a post rotation program for each student, in which they decide names unit heads for each post. Generally they rotate students from one unit to another unit for each post.
Every student should get a copy of his/her post rotation program.
CPS council has abolished the rule of allied post. But some hospitals like Nanavati Hospital are still giving postings in allied subjects.

If You belong to state, other then Maharashtra, and you want to take a CPS seat, You must apply in MMC for Permanent Registration.
To start CPS course, student must apply for Permanent registration (of his MBBS) in Maharashtra medical Council. To apply in maharashtra medical councl you should bring your NOC from your parent state medical council, and upload it at MMC website on-line given link. MMC has made most procedures ONLINE now, but still you have to go MMC office on given date, with original documents to get them verified. If you face difficulty to apply on-line for PR you can get help of us.

When students join a college he gets a Post holding Certificate with signature and stamp of "unit head" and "head of Institute / Medical Superintendent / Medical Director.
Dont forget to get signature and stamp of your Head of Institution on your enrolment form, otherwise CPS office will reject it.
Student gets post holding certificate in starting of each post and gets a post completion certificate after completing a post. He gets 8 certificates for all 4 posts during diploma course. He must posses these 8 certificates to appear in CPS diploma's final exam. Institute must inform CPS when it issues any certificate to any student during whole tenure of the course, means CPS office keeps all feedbacks of certificates.

To see a format of post holding certificate click here. To see a format of post completion certificate click here. Note: After passing Final exam you get Mark sheets, Passing Certificate, Attempt certificate and degree from CPS office. These documents are awarded by CPS. So name of your institution is not mentioned on these document.

At the time of enrolment, Student must keeps his original documents, with attested Xerox copies. CPS office checks mainly these five documents:

  1. Post holding certificate
  2. Certificate of permanent registration in Maharashtra Medical Council or Receipt when you apply for NOC / Permanent registration
  3. MBBS degree
  4. Internship Completion
  5. Passing certificate of MBBS

CPS office verifies all documents and accepts demand draft of rupees 30,000 for diploma, 40,000 for FCPS and 50,000 for FCPS diploma combo course, And gives receipt. this receipt is the proof of your enrolment. After a month of enrolment CPS issues a folder with following paper to student.

  1. Lecture attendance card
  2. Log book
  3. Eligibility form
  4. Rule book
  5. Enrolment and eligibility certificate

To appear in final exam student must have total 80% attendance in total any two lecture series. During his four posts he must attend any two lecture series.

Three months before final exam form, Student must fill eligibility form, Months of eligibility form submission is June and December. At the of time of eligibility form student must have filled lecture attendance card.
Months of exam form submission is February and August.
Months of CPS diploma final exam is April and October, Result come around 45 days after last day of theory exam.
Months of FCPS exam is March and September.

Has Institution proper sanction to intake present batch? How to check it?
Read some examples
If institutions has sanction till 28 feb 2015 it can intake feb batch.
If institution has sanction till 31 jan 2015 It can't intake feb batch.
If institution has sanction till 31 July 2015 It can't intake August batch.
If institution has sanction till 31st Aug 2015 it can intake August batch. .........And so ON..
We provide list of institutions and their sanction status to our visitors.

We are already guiding / helping our students, So they may remain relaxed during admission procedures,
They need not to read this stuff given at this page. We do these all for them.
This page dedicated for those student who are not taking our guidance for their admission procedures, They may be benefited by this info for their documentation part. We want to help well. They can ask anything by mail at cpsdiplomaa@gmail.com, We will reply in a day, without expecting anything from them.
Humble request
If anybody benefited by info published at this website, he is requested to participate at cps forum and post a Positive feedback for all visitors of our websites and cps forum. Please leave your posts with your complete name, email ID and brief intro. It will be best "THANK YOU" from you side to us.

CPS courses and their Recognition

CPS is a regulatory and examining body, It is regulates various courses at various Medical Colleges and PG teaching institutes of Maharashtra and Gujarat.
To see list of institutes click here.
To see list of courses and its recognition click here.
If you want to study Indian Medical Council act 1956, you can demand its copy from us cpsdiplomaa@gmail, we will mail it to you.

Important things to know before taking admission in CPS

We will guide you step by step for all

, we will help you by facilitating these procedures of admission and thereafter
click here

Anyone should know about these steps before taking admission in CPS course:

Students pass through these steps during a cps course
(From Admission to Exam till convocation)

  1. Permanent registration in Maharashtra medical council download form.
    See sample NOC of your state medical council Chhatteesgarh Rajasthan

  2. How to apply for Permanent Registration of MBBS in Maharashtra Medical Council? Click here for procedure

  3. Meet us for seat guidance

  4. Fill the application form for CPS CET

  5. Appear in CET exam

  6. CET results and provisional merit list announcement

  7. Final merit list announcement

  8. Submission of preference forms

  9. Seat allotment list display

  10. Students get Allotment letters

  11. Join your Institute / College

  12. Get post holding Certificate from Institution

  13. Go for Enrolment
    Click here for procedure

  14. Collect your folder after a month of Enrolment

  15. Attend lecture series

  16. Get your all post holdings and post completions from your Institute at completion of your tenure

  17. Submit eligibility (permission) form
    Remember this annual time table of cps office click here

  18. Submit exam form

  19. Final Exam

  20. Results

  21. Collect Mark sheets, Passing Certificate and Attempt Certificate

  22. Submit convocation form (Present or Absentia)

  23. If you choose PRESENT then collect your degree in convocation ceremony

  24. If you chose ABSENTIA, Submit Declaration form when you go to collect your degree

Our online guidance is free of cost, We will try our best to resolve your quarry according to our knowledge level.

Some Newspaper clippings

Aug.12, 2011

CPS courses are now recognised by Gujarat Medical Council
Gujarat Medical council has declared that all CPS courses are recognized by Gujarat Medical council. We have a copy of Government Ruling (GR), If you need its copy you can demand us at cpsdiplomaa@gmail, we will mail it to you. Read it care fully, after completing the CPS course GMC will give you provisional registration, then student must join a PHC as a medical officer, after minimum one year rural posting GMC will give him permanent registration.

Feb., 2012

CPS courses are recognised by Malaycian Medical Council Click here for details
Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons has its historical importance, Established by British Government, as a branch of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Edinburgh. In british rule it was main regulatory body of medical education in India. They made its offices in Bombay after Independence and separation Pakistan made its head offices in Lahore and Karachi. Bangladesh made its office in Dhaka.

These courses are recognized by many Asian and European countries. Malaysian Medical council also recognizes CPS courses, They want to continue its recognition, they send a proposal letter for its inspection with our initiation, we tried hard with our Malaysian counter part to start CPS courses for foreign students. We also tried to proceed this issue with MCI and MMC. we knew that It's a procedure in MCI to issue a temporary registration for foreign students for higher studies. MMC has no such registration. We needed CPS to give some privileges for foreign students, CPS was not agree to change its rules for foreign students. After wasting our months we came to know that CPS is not keen to entertain foreign students. So we left our efforts in this direction.

Aug.20, 2012

CPS is trying to get recognition of some other state medical councils
CPS is keen to get recognition in CG, Rajasthan and MP. To facilitate process in CG, we offer cps our participation and we hope we can get it done easily in CG.

Dec.2, 2009

Rajasthan MP and Karnataka state governments are pursuing process to recognize cps in these states
These are good sign for cps that after Chattisgarh government some other state government are taking interest to bring cps in these states. Rajasthan is most ahead in this field. Karnataka is also pursuing it very fast. Legalities of this Government Rulings is going ON. You can hope soon cps will be recognized in these states.

CPS vs MCI court case

Here we are going to inform you details of court case CPS vs MCI in Mumbai high court

Before 02.12.2009 total 9 CPS course was recognised by MCI, 3 diploma and 6 FCPS courses. MCI de-recognised them by Notice F.No.C.18018/3/2009-ME(p-2), CPS has filed a court case for stay MCI's order.

we wish CPS "All the Best"

Case is in favour of CPS, MCI is also following the case strongly, We hope decision will be in favour of CPS and these 9 courses will get MCI recognition again. Here we want to tell our visitors that V.President of CPS Dr.F.Irani has doing all possible efforts to get MCI recognition back. we are with him.

Maharashtra medical council is now completely online

MMC has step forward in online services, its first state medical council of India which eliminated the paper forms, now all procedures and documentation is only On-line. CPS also going on-line.


Our happy students who have alot to say to appreciate us

We have lot of happy students, Some have completed their courses and some are still pursuing. In this section we will introduce some of them, Who are really thankful to us, We have happy students in almost all over india. You can meet them before taking admission. This section is still under construction. Our successful student database is our biggest achievement of us. Please feel free to ask us contact numbers of our students. Our students are biggest proof of our honesty and hard work. We will provide you their detail with great proud.

CPS Forum

We have made a forum dedicated to CPS students, We recommend every CPS student should participate by sign in. This forum is place to interact with junior, seniors and colleagues and also with us, You can write your views and your concerns, forum members, your friends at forum and our forum moderator all will reply your questions or give their views about your concerns, Like same (vise versa) when other forum member asks any question and you think you know the answer and can give good advise, you should to post your answer definitely. This system is beneficial of all forum subscribes and students, either seeking admission or pursuing their course. we will answer your quarries as a forum moderator. This system always expect you to visit the forum minimum once in a week, Post your quarries / comments and give your views about other's posts, try to answer subscribers quarries if you know the thing deeply. We request cps officials also participate in this forum and give us useful suggestions and reply visitors queries.
To visit cps forum
If you are already a forum member just go to login page by clicking here, you will get fields to enter username and password, enter them and click "login" button
If you are new to cpsforum, go to this link, It will open a registration form, It will give you fields to enter Fill these entries and click on blue colored "register" button, this will send you a computer generated password at your email address, Click here to Log in with your username and password, After login you will see a link in red font "Yes, take me to my profile page" If you want to customize your password go to this link.
If you dont want to participate in CPS FORUM, Just have a look at cps forum (As a guest) click here.

We request you to tell your friends about this forum, Use our free SMS service to recommend cps forum to your friends, You are also requested to give our reference to your friends who are seeking admission in CPS courses. we will be thankful to you

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related news

Sep.23, 2010

MCI downgrades DNB courses
MCI's has decided to make DNB (diplomate of national board) holders ineligible to teach without their doing three more years of training in a recognized medical college.HERE Read more

Sep.24, 2010

DMRE seats are in very high demand
DMRE is in very high in demand, Many aspirant students are trying to get this seat. Call Dr.Sachin to know more

Sep., 2012

Civil hospitals of Maharashtra going to start cps courses for n service candidates.
See tweet of CM office maharashtra
Cps seats to start in civil hosp in Maharashtra for in service medical officers and management students 70:30 percent basis. Medical officers will have 5 yrs bond after diplomas. Sanctions under process.

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